A journey through the recorded archives of the Schwob School of Music

Our Story

Thanks for tuning in to Classical Columbus on GPB Classical! Our mission is to spread the joy of music through the recorded archives of the Schwob School of Music in Columbus, GA. Check gpb.org to find us on your local radio station every Sunday at 7:00 pm EST for another thrilling tour of the beautiful music produced by the talented artists of Schwob.

Classical Columbus began as little more than a conversation between good friends. In July of 2021, Georgia Public Broadcasting launched their newest channel: GPB Classical. During the process of lining up shows to populate the channel, a couple of friends got together to hang out. It just so happens that these friends were Taylor Klotz, the technical director at GPB, and Matthew McCabe, the head of the audio technology department at the Schwob School of Music. The conversation shifted to current endeavors and Taylor mentioned GPB’s new channel. In response, Matt mentioned the decades worth of archived music at Schwob, and thus the idea for an hour long weekly show was born. After meeting a few executives and taking a tour of GPB facilities, the road to Classical Columbus had been paved and the journey had begun in earnest.

Matthew McCabe, Nick Williams, and Julian Chalon were the original Classical Columbus team: establishing a brand, collaborating with artists, and producing the first ever episodes of the show. Since then, the team has grown to include Gabriel Borin and Micah Taylor, who have already begun planning the next season’s episodes. 

Classical Columbus is produced at the Bill and Marion Feighner recording studio at Columbus State University’s Schwob School of Music.  The Schwob School is an internationally renowned conservatory-style program housed on the RiverPark Campus of Columbus State Univsersity.  For more information, visit us on the web at music.columbusstate.edu or on social media @schwobmusic. Classical Columbus is generously supported by the College of the Arts at CSU.  The production team includes Gabriel Borin, Micah Taylor, Nick Williams, Julian Chalon, and Matthew McCabe.